Lajim Ukin to defend Beaufort parliament

KOTA KINABALU: Barisan Nasional turncoat Datuk Lajim Ukin, who is defending the Beaufort parliamentary seat, is also looking at contesting the Klias state seat under the PKR ticket.

Lajim was Klias assemblyman since 1985 but in 2008 was Barisan’s choice for Beaufort swapping seats with Klias incumbent Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun.

This time round, Barisan is widely expected to field Azizah, a state minister and daughter of a veteran politician, to take on Lajim in Beaufort.

Azizah said that Barisan stood a good chance of capturing Beaufort as the party was gaining momentum in support from the people.

“We see a lot of support of the people at functions organised by Barisan.

“This is a good sign, we believe Barisan can win back the seat, she added.

Lajim, who leads an unregistered movement for change in Sabah, said his group, which is aligned to Pakatan Rakyat, will be given 14 of the 60 state seats and four of the 25 parliament seats in Sabah.

His group will contest under the PKR symbol with exception of two candidates for Bugaya and Sukau who will use the PAS symbol.

Lajim said most seats-sharing had been completed with only some, between PKR and DAP, still being worked out. – the star


Sabah P177, N25, N26

Jumlah Pengundi: 26,788
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 62.63% B/B/I: 25.74% C: 11.48% L: 0.15%
1. Datuk Lajim Ukin (BN) (14,780)
2. Lajim Md. Yusof (PKR) (3,866)
Majoriti: 10,914
Jumlah undi: 19,327
Peratus mengundi: 72.15%
Undi rosak: 681
Penyandang: Datuk Azizah Mohd. Dun (BN)
(Majoriti: )
Menang Tanpa Bertanding
Jumlah Pengundi: 13,885
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 70.31% B/B/I: 13.63% C: 15.82% L: 0.24%
1. Datuk Azizah Mohd. Dun (BN) (5,900)
2. Md. Tajuddin Md. Walli (Bebas) (82)
3. Abdul Rahman Md. Yakub (PKR) (3,487)
4. Mat Lani Sabili (Bebas) (37)
5. Taufick Ruschi (Bebas) (109)
Majoriti: 2,413
Jumlah undi: 9,976
Peratus mengundi: 71.85%
Undi rosak: 361
Penyandang: Datuk Lajim Ukin (BN)
(Majoriti: 3,778 undi)
Jumlah Pengundi: 12,903
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 54.37% B/B/I: 38.77% C: 6.81% L: 0.05%
1. Teo Kwan Chin@Teo Mau Sing (BN) (4,416)
2. Johan@Christopher O.T Ghani (Bebas) (4,159)
3. Guandee Kohoi (PKR) (589)
Majoriti: 257
Jumlah undi: 9,470
Peratus mengundi: 73.39%
Undi rosak: 306
Penyandang: Johan@Christopher O.T Ghani (Bebas)
(Majoriti: 2,018 undi)

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